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Freaks...people thinking i'm stalking them - sargatanas1977
Freaks...people thinking i'm stalking them
Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are, and how much and how high they rate themselves. I just found out the other day that an ex of mine is being harrassed by another guy that i went out with like, 2 times, and rejected.

Yeah, my ex Kris thinks i'm the one behind the behavior of this other guy Kevin, that i went out with and shit. Like, i have more useful things to do with my time then go after some guy i was in love with and wanted to be with, 2 years ago. The one friend who told me says that Kris is terrified of me. What the fuck ever, i never did anything to him to make him think i would hurt him. All this other shit's in his mind, and he needs serious time in a psychiatrists chair...LOL!!

Get a life dude! I'm not stalking you!!

Oh, that rhymes...LMAO!!

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