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It's been a long time. - sargatanas1977
It's been a long time.
Well, yes it has been a couple years since i last posted here. Well, let me tell you alot has happened since then. We've been back to Utah and came back to Santa Barbara, And did the homeless thing again but this time thankfully just for a short while. We got a place out in Lompoc, and i love it there. Now, this is where it gets interesting heheheh. I met someone through a friend of mine, several months ago, and well, we fell in love. Very easily actually. In August i came here to Indiana, where i am posting this from, to meet this guy, named Marco. He is 23 and such a sweetie! I love him with all my heart. It is December now and i am getting ready to head back to Cali to spend the holidays and maybe a bit longer with my family.

I'll be back here in January or February, we'll see how long i can go without my baby. We'll be back down there to visit, the both of us. I want to take him down there and show him around my beautiful Santa Barbara and stuff hehehe. It's very cold here, and snowing. The winter's here are much harsher than winter's in northern Utah. I have been living with Marco's family and he while i've been up here. It's been an amazing adventure that's for sure. And i have found the one i want to be with forever. He's been damaged and tossed around by life's Precariousness, but who hasn't? He's seen and done things i haven't gotten to do or have had to experience, like hard drugs, pills, etc...and i have gone through shit he has never had to experience, such as homelessness, and the other odds and ends which accompany such a life.

Sometimes he has his moods, and things that he's dealing with, and i have mine, but we both love and care for each other very much. I appreciate all the things he does for me, and has done. I love his family and friends that i have met while here in LaPorte. Sometimes, i worry about Marco, because of the way he deals with some things, and i wish he would open to me and come to me when there is something bothering him. After all, aren't couples supposed to be there for each other when times are tough? He's not your every day average gay dude that is for damn sure.

But we both have our challenges and stuff too. I am very happy to have him in my life, and count myself lucky. As does he. In any case, i will be seeing and posting more here in the future. Later peeps!

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